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Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Is your work environment costing you or making money? Can a good work space design help to enhance people's wellness and improve their productivity?

When looking at our work environment which can be outdated or rigid, we often assume that when it's not working that that's just how it is without really thinking about what's making it that way. If this is the case, What are you frustrated with? What does not work for you architecturally? Does your working space design impact employee well-being and creativity?

We are living in a rapidly changing world of digital technology, new markets, even the way things get done across industries. Our work environment has to reflect these factors when it comes to designing connected workspaces that bring people's together to interaction in various ways. Providing a workplace where people cannot only get things done, but also have plenty of autonomy when they need it, is necessary when prioritizing employee wellness.

Think about the time - when you work from Home. You focus, have a break, make a cup of tea, walk in the garden, talk to people, stretch your body, do washing, mopping, make calls, meditate etc. My ideas flow into me when I have work-life balance and flexibility. Our right side brain (vital, imaginative, creative) function engages the best when we are in this type of environment.

Our collective awareness of physical, mental and emotional health is growing. Wellness is more than just feeling healthy, it's more holistic, it's more social, emotional and mental health. Harmonious environments bring more harmony and playfulness which lead to positive mental health. This means that it brings to higher employee engagement - a connected culture.

The work space should be more structured than home but it doesn't have to be less connected, based on the same principles - what are the principles that lead to a healthy, harmonious, connected company culture? Harmony Architecture has 4 principles and architectural process that are applied on the design, using an holistic approach.

When we get the design right during our architectural process, thereafter the space will carry us and shape us.

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