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Provide an Oasis!

Providing an #Oasis in workplaces and interact with#Nature- The recent research has found that indoor plants can help #reduce carbon dioxide levels by about 10% in air-conditioned offices, and by about 25% in buildings without air conditioning.

Numerous scientific studies have proven the #positives of having more #greenery in your workspace. Most people spend a large part of their #lifespan in offices. It is said that poor quality indoor air can lead to #health problems like headaches, eye fatigue, throat irritation and asthma.

I am addicted to bring more and more plants in my office. It is my way to interact with #Nature everyday. We actively seek out #interactions with nature for recreation and enjoyment. Why not interact with it while you are working in the office.

Understanding the benefits of interacting with nature is important for #maintaining and #improving human well-being in a rapidly urbanizing world.

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